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DJE Properties LLC, the in house San Antonio Multifamily Property Management Company that handles the day to day operations of the DJE portfolio, was created to bring the highest level of care and detail to multifamily management.

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DJE Founder Devin Elder had been buying, operating, and exiting San Antonio Multifamily investments for a number of years leveraging various third party management companies.

All of these third party companies had their own strengths and weaknesses, but none brought the whole package together. What was needed was a company that could effectively hire, train, and manage from an owner’s perspective.

2020 proved to be an interesting year for all of us, and out of that chaos emerged an opportunity. Mr. Elder had the chance to connect professionally on a number of occasions with Ely Acevedo, an industry veteran in the San Antonio Multifamily Property Management space.

The DJE portfolio was big enough at this point to justify taking the leap to start a property management company, with Mr. Acevedo as the very first hire.

Ely worked tirelessly to launch the company, and within one year the company had gone from 0 employees to over 30. Ely was promoted from Vice President of Operations to President of DJE Properties within that first year, and subsequently to President of DJE Properties LLC.

Today, DJE Properties manages the growing DJE multifamily portfolio, as well as handling management for a select few third party clients. Our focus on people, culture & processes makes the company a great to place to work and supports the bottom line for owners, investors, and operators.

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